Safe and certified products.

INBAY is a safe and certified solution for inductive charging. The products are developed by experienced engineers in Erkelenz, North Rhine-Westphalia. This is also where the high-quality components are assembled. Regular quality control ensures that our quality standards are met.

We are Qi certified and a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Extremely minimized electromagnetic radiation

Due to the ongoing mechanization of our everyday life, we are automatically exposed to increased electromagnetic radiation everywhere. The charging process with Qi certified transmitters and receivers is precisely defined and documented in the international Qi standard. Of course, the health aspects in the form of specifications for radiation values ​​were also taken into account and regulated accordingly.

The functioning of the Qi standard ensures that the system works with minimal electromagnetic radiation. A high transmission power, such as. B. with a W-LAN router, is not required for inductive charging. The range of the electromagnetic radiation is only a few millimeters between the coil (transmitter) and the receiver (receiver). In the inactive state, i.e. without a corresponding receiver within range of the transmitter, the coil only works with minimized power until a receiver is recognized.

So how safe is INBAY? For these reasons, charging a smartphone using the Qi standard does not pose an increased health risk!

Is Qi dangerous? No.