Frequently Asked Questions and our answers

We currently have INBAY models for over 50 vehicle models. You can find them in the product overview. We are working hard on other models, so new solutions are added regularly!

Do we not (yet) offer a vehicle-specific solution for your vehicle model? No problem! We have two solutions that work with any car.

Thanks to our universal upgrade kits with inductive charging mat, you can easily transform your favorite storage tray in your car into a charging station. And with our universal air vent bracket , you can conveniently clamp your iPhone, charge it, and always have it in view. Power is supplied via the included USB charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Connect it, clamp it, and you’re done!

Yes, you can return the item in case you don´t like it or you are not happy with it. After receiving the product back, we will credit you the amount of the product, but you will not receive a credit for the shipping costs that were paid in advance and you would have to pay the shipping costs for returning it back to us yourself.

If you want to send an item back you can also contact:

Your smartphone will heat up slightly when charging due to the inductive charging technology. However, there is no reason for alarm: this is completely normal and harmless.

All INBAY applications of the latest generation support fast charging up to 10W or up to 15W, older INBAY products charge with 5W.

It is nothing to worry about. Since INBAY is Qi-certified, the inductive charging process will not activate until a Qi-enabled smartphone is actually placed on the mat. So feel free to use the tray as you normally would by placing coins, keys, and other items on it.

The installation can be mastered by anyone with some technical understanding and skill. Here you will find illustrated installation instructions and installation videos.

ou can find illustrated step-by-step instructions here as downloadable PDFs.

In addition, we have created installation videos.

INBAY is visually completely retrofittable optically and should not be a problem at the leasing return. Of course you should keep the original mat.

The statutory warranty in Germany applies. It is the same one that you know from all other products.