Simple and clear installation instructions

Anyone with just a little bit of mechanical skill can install INBAY. The outside packaging of each INBAY product provides detailed illustrated installation instructions. These will guide you through the installation step by step with real photos. You can also download the instructions from our website in PDF format. In addition, we have produced installation videos for certain models.

You should plan on spending about 30 to 45 minutes on the installation if you are installing INBAY for the first time.

Installation time
30-45 minutes

installation directions

Step by step

For many models
Video instructions

Satisfied customers

“Great workmanship, and the instructions provide a very good description of the installation procedure. If you are just a little handy, then it’s not that difficult. And it’s a real cinch for guys who make their living working with their hands. All it takes is just 1 hour of work, and then you can sit back and enjoy the results :)”

Thomas Schumi, via Amazon

“What a great part! Everything works great, and the installation is not that difficult! I would buy it again in a heartbeat!”

Sebastian, via Amazon

The detailed installation instructions with informative illustrations make the installation easy.”

Henning Lange, via Amazon

Do you need assistance?

We have taken every effort to make the installation instructions as understandable as possible. Should you get stuck at any point and the instructions cannot help you, then give us a call at (+49 24 31 – 96 45 26) or send us an e-mail at

Our technical support representatives would be happy to assist you. You are also welcome to write us a message. Click here for the contact form.

Of course, your car dealership (e.g., at your next service appointment) or a car stereo installer in your area would be happy to install INBAY for you.