Befreie dich von Ladekabeln!

Befreie dich von Ladekabeln!Lade mit INBAY dein Smartphone
kabellos im Auto.

Leerer Akku ist von gestern.
Smartphone ablegen - fertig.

Du bist viel unterwegs?Leerer Akku ist von gestern.
Smartphone ablegen - fertig.

Passgenaues Design.

Passgenaue Qualität.Das originale Design deines Interieurs bleibt nahezu unverändert!

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INBAY inductive charging in your car.

Declare your car a cable-free zone.

INBAY makes charging your smartphone in the car truly convenient. INBAY allows you to integrate a discreet, custom-sized charging tray into the interior of your car. Simply switch out the original storage tray in your car with INBAY.

Then simply place your smartphone on this mat and it will charge wirelessly thanks to the Qi standard. No more cables, no more plugging your phone in, and no more depleted battery while driving. INBAY – we charge the future.

The future of wireless charging

is available in your car today.

  • No more annoying cables
  • Custom-sized for your car
  • OEM-matching design
  • Safe and certified

Perfect integration

with your vehicle’s interior.

We believe it is very important to make aesthetically designed products that are true to your vehicle’s original design. That’s why INBAY offers you a wireless charging solution for your vehicle that looks fantastic.

We develop different INBAY products based on the vehicle. In other words, we individually customize our product for each vehicle model. This means that INBAY is fitted to the shape of your front passenger compartment down to the millimeter. You get an optimally integrated solution that you will hardly be able to tell from the OEM part and that will blend perfectly with the rest of the interior.

The design of your car will remain visually unchanged, though INBAY will upgrade the charging functionality of your vehicle to the current state of the art.

Wireless Charging in der Mercedes C-Klasse W205

Lade dein Smartphone –
kabellos dank Qi-Standard.

Alle INBAY Produkte arbeiten mit dem „Qi-Standard“. Dies ist der weltweit etablierte Standard für das Wireless Charging. Deshalb sind alle Smartphones, die ebenfalls nach dem Qi-Standard arbeiten, mit INBAY kompatibel. Mit diesem Standard arbeiten z. B. Apple (iPhone 8 und iPhone X), Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola oder LG. Ist dein Smartphone noch nicht mit dem Qi-Standard ausgerüstet, kannst du die Funktion einfach und komfortabel nachrüsten.

Hier findest du weitere Informationen: Funktioniert mein Smartphone mit INBAY?

No more

charging cables



Certified in accordance

with the Qi standard

Made in Germany

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Here is what our customers have to say

“Works just as promised. The installation was a cinch. All it required was 45 minutes. I can easily recommend that others buy the product, because the fit and finish are perfect and the installation was easy. The installation instructions are easy to follow.”

Matthias, via Amazon

“The INBAY charging tray for the Ford Fiesta (2017 or newer) with integrated Qi (wireless) charging is simply fantastic. I highly recommended it. The build quality of the charging tray is super!”

Huntsman, via Amazon

The item was shipped quickly and packed very well. An illustrated installation manual was included with the product, which is easy for anyone to understand. I installed the product according the instructions. The installation took me approximately 15 to 20 minutes despite the fact that I am a layperson. You can’t tell the charging tray from the original storage tray due to its high-quality look and perfect fit. The charging tray is a great upgrade: now I get in the car, place my cell phone on the tray, and it starts charging instantly. I no longer have the hassle of having to fish for the USB cable. Conclusion: I recommend it without reservations.”

Uwe, via Amazon
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Universal solutions

With INBAY in your car…

  • you can charge your smartphone by simply dropping it on the tray.

  • you can say goodbye to annoying cables.

  • you get the Qi standard in your car.

  • you do nothing to change the original interior design of your car.

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INBAY is now available on Amazon

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