Befreie dich von Ladekabeln!

Get rid of charging cables!Use INBAY to charge your smartphone wirelessly in your car.

Leerer Akku ist von gestern.
Smartphone ablegen - fertig.

You travel a lot? No empty battery anymore.
Lay your smartphone down on INBAY - done.

Passgenaues Design.

Factory-quality integration. The original design of your interior remains nearly unchanged!

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INBAY inductive charging in your car.

Declare your car a cable-free zone.

INBAY makes charging your smartphone in the car truly convenient. INBAY allows you to integrate a discreet, custom-sized charging tray into the interior of your car. Simply switch out the original storage tray in your car with INBAY.

Then simply place your smartphone on this mat and it will charge wirelessly thanks to the Qi standard. No more cables, no more plugging your phone in, and no more depleted battery while driving. INBAY – we charge the future.

The future of wireless charging
is available in your car today.