Your smartphone must support the Qi standard.

Any Qi-enabled smartphone can be automatically charged when placed on any of our INBAY products.

Are you not sure if your smartphone supports inductive charging over the Qi standard? Then simply look your smartphone up at the following address: and the website will tell you if it supports Qi.

Check your smartphone

Easily make your smartphone compatible.

You can easily upgrade smartphones that do not yet support the Qi standard with our INBAY upgrade options!

Universal charging receiver for smartphones, Qi-compatible, Micro USB

External charging receiver

The advantage of an external charging receiver is its low cost and high compatibility. The receiver simply connects to the charging port on your smartphone (Lightning or Micro USB), and then it can be slipped under your existing individual protective case for your phone.

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Inductive charging case

We offer device-specific solutions in the form of a custom inductive INBAY charging case for certain smartphone models. This case integrates a Qi receiver and a device-specific port connector. The charging case is pulled over your smartphone just like any other protective case. That way you can upgrade your smartphone with support for Qi and protect it at the same time.

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