Update your Suzuki with wireless charging

No more
annoying cables

for your car

Safe and
Qi certified

Bring inductive charging to your Suzuki!

Do you feel like you are tired of endlessly fiddling with charging cables, which can be dangerous because it takes your attention away from the road? Is having a spaghetti of cables in your car not really your thing? We have come to your rescue with INBAY! Simply replace the original storage tray in your Suzuki for INBAY and you can have integrated inductive charging in your car! INBAY is almost invisible, and it does nothing to change the look of your Suzuki’s interior.

INBAY is Qi-certified and Made in Germany!

Apple (for example, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X), Samsung (Galaxy S8, Note 8 and others), HTC (8X), and others also use the Qi standard. Therefore, it can be used with most smartphones that support inductive charging.


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