Inductive charging for your Škoda

No more
annoying cables

for your car

Safe and
Qi certified

INBAY lets you upgrade your Škoda with inductive charging.

Since designs that match original car interiors are very important to us, we have developed model-specific solutions. This means that we have made a thorough study of each vehicle model and designed tailor-made solutions that are visually indistinguishable from the original parts.

You simply replace the original storage tray in your Škoda with INBAY, and you can have an inductive charging station in your car that is visually indistinguishable from the original.

No more dangerously fiddling with charging cables!

We use the globally established Qi standard, which Apple (for example, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X), Samsung (Galaxy S8, Note 8 and others), HTC (8X), and others also use. Therefore, it is compatible with most smartphones that support inductive charging.

We currently offer a vehicle-specific solution for the Škoda Octavia (2013 and later).

INBAY is Qi-certified and Made in Germany!


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