Mazda and inductive charging

No more
annoying cables

for your car

Safe and
Qi certified

Install an inductive charging station in your Mazda! It’s an easy upgrade. INBAY can be installed without much effort or technical know-how, and it brings your vehicle up to speed with the latest state-of-the-art charging technology! INBAY is Made in Germany and stands for Qi-certified quality.

INBAY is a vehicle-specific solution. This means that after installation INBAY will fit seamlessly into your vehicle interior. You will notice no difference with the “before-state”. All you need to do is put your Qi-enabled smartphone down on the INBAY mat and it will charge. Say goodbye to the annoying ritual of having to plug in your device, which can dangerously take your attention away from the road!

We use the globally established Qi standard, which Apple (for example, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X), Samsung (Galaxy S8, Note 8 and others), HTC (8X), and others also use. Therefore, it is compatible with most smartphones that support inductive charging.

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