Bring inductive charging to your Peugeot

No more
annoying cables

for your car

Safe and
Qi certified

Thanks to INBAY, you can easily upgrade your Peugeot with wireless charging!

Are you looking for an after-market solution that gives you inductive charging in your vehicle? Then INBAY has the perfect solution for you. Unlike universal solutions, which only work with visible cables or are clipped onto your air vents, INBAY is almost invisible and does nothing to disturb the beautiful design of your vehicle’s interior!

It is easy to replace your storage tray with INBAY so that you can enjoy inductive charging in your Peugeot! Installation is a breeze and requires little technical know-how.

Then your Qi-enabled smartphone will automatically charge when you place it on the INBAY charging mat. There’s no more need for the annoying ritual of having to plug in your device, which can dangerously take your attention away from the road!

We use the globally established Qi standard, which Apple (for example, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X), Samsung (Galaxy S8, Note 8 and others), HTC (8X), and others also use. Therefore, it is compatible with most smartphones that support inductive charging.

Safety and precision fit and finish are guaranteed thanks to our Qi certification and the fact that the product is Made in Germany.

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