Inductive charging in your Hyundai

No more
annoying cables

for your car

Safe and
Qi certified

Wireless Charging for your Hyundai – Made in Germany.

Update your Hyundai Tuscon with the latest charging technology. INBAY is a Qi-certified solution that brings you inductive charging in your car. You replace the original tray with the INBAY one. INBAY fits perfectly, because INBAY is developed to fit your specific vehicle. This means that we precisely measure the interior of the vehicle model and create a tailor-made solution for it.

We use the globally established Qi standard, which Apple, Samsung, HTC and others also use. Therefore, it is compatible with most smartphones that support inductive charging.

After you install INBAY in your Hyundai, you just simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the charging mat for charging. You can then confidently eliminate all of the charging cables from your car.

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