Charging compartement for your VW Golf Plus

Charging compartement for your VW Golf Plus


Inductive charging in your Golf Plus – with our INBAY Qi charging station. INBAY is OEM quality and Made in Germany.

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Wireless charging for your VW Golf Plus

Upgrading your VW Golf Plus with inductive charging is now simply a matter of replacing the original storage compartment. Each INBAY device has been custom-designed for the vehicle model. It will fit seamlessly into the interior of your Volkswagen Golf Plus.

  • VW Golf Plus 12/2004 – 01/2014

Important – only fits on:

Models with VW part number of the inlay / compartement 5M1 863 328 B

You can perform the installation yourself

  • Illustrated and clear installation instructions
  • Included Plug & Play wiring harness
  • Wireless charging for your VW Golf Plus
  • Blends seamlessly into the original design of your car’s original interior

Convenience and safety thanks to the Qi standard

  • Get rid of all those annoying charging cables from your Golf Plus
  • You will no longer need to plug in charging cables
  • Simply place your smartphone on the charging mat, and it will start charging
  • Qi-certified
  • Made in Germany

Which smartphones can you charge with INBAY?

INBAY is compatible with all smartphones that work with the Qi standard (e.g., Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, …). Devices that are not Qi-compatible and that have a micro USB port can be easily upgraded to the Qi standard with accessories (e.g., charging cases/bumpers) that will then work with INBAY.

Item number

Qi standard

Product type

A solution that is customized for your vehicle.

For brand

Volkswagen (VW)

For model

Golf Plus

For years of construction

12/2004 – 01/2014


Install Manual

Install Manual as PDF

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