Charging compartment for your Peugeot 307/307 CC/307 SW

Charging compartment for your Peugeot 307/307 CC/307 SW


OEM-quality upgrade for your Peugeot 307. Easily upgrade your car with inductive charging using our custom-fit INBAY solution!

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Wireless charging for your Peugeot 307.

Are you on the road a lot, and do you frequently find yourself needing to charge your smartphone in the car? Does the charging cable usually get lost somewhere on the dashboard, and is it a pain to retrieve it to plug in your phone? We know what a hassle it is. That’s why we developed INBAY.

INBAY brings inductive charging into your Peugeot 307. Simply replace the original storage tray in your car with INBAY, and you can enjoy wireless charging. In other words: Simply place the smartphone on the tray, and it will charge. Nothing could be simpler and safer.

INBAY is easy to install.

  • Simple and uncomplicated installation.
  • Illustrated and clear installation instructions
  • Version for Peugeot 307, 307 CC, and 307 SW

Design and function for your 307

  • INBAY fits seamlessly into your vehicle interior, and once it is installed you will hardly be able to distinguish it from the OEM part.
  • No more annoying charging cables
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of having to plug in cables!
  • Simply place your smartphone on the INBAY tray to charge

Quality from Germany.

  • INBAY is Qi-certified
  • INBAY is Made in Germany

Compatible with all devices that support Qi.

INBAY for your Peugeot 307 is compatible with all smartphones that work with the Qi standard (e.g., Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, …). Devices that are not Qi-compatible and that have a micro USB port can be easily upgraded to support the Qi standard with accessories (e.g., charging cases/bumpers).

Item number



Qi standard


Product type

A solution that is customized for your vehicle.

For brand


For model

307, 307 CC, 307 SW

For years of construction

307 (08/2001 – 08/2007), 307 CC (03/2003 – 03/2009), 307 SW (06/2002 – 04/2008)

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