Wireless Charging at home and in the office

Wireless Charging at home and in the office

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Inductive charging with our INBAY Qi charging station, simple and uncomplicated. Available with 10W or 15W. Our universal kit was specially developed for installation in high-quality furniture and is Made in Germany.

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Wireless Charging at home and in the office

Our INBAY universal kit is perfectly suited for an invisible installation in high-quality furniture.

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The installation principle

After appropriate milling, our wireless charging kit can be installed at any suitable location. This type of “hidden” installation completely retains the appearance of the original surface.

Furthermore there is also an option of using the included fiber optic kit to display the charging status.

You can find more details in our installation instructions.

You have the choice between a 10W version for fast charging – or a 15W version for even faster charging.

  • INBAY® Kit 3 coils 12V / light guide kit
  • Dimensions charging coil: L = 165.3mm / W = 76mm / H = 14.7mm
  • Dimensions pad L = 135mm / W 76mm
  • Milling out for hidden assembly necessary (see installation instructions)
  • There must be no metal between the charging coil and the smartphone.
  • Charging coil connection: universal cable harness 12V
  • A voltage converter to 12V DC is required for connection to 220V sockets

Is my smartphone compatible?

We strongly recommend testing the charging station with your smartphone before milling, since there are also non-Qi-certified smartphones on the market that may be compatible.

You can find more information about the Qi standard and Qi-certified smartphones on the website of the WIRELESS POWER CONSORTIUM (WPC).

Which smartphones can you charge with INBAY?

INBAY is compatible with all smartphones that work with the Qi standard (e.g., Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, …). Devices that are not Qi-compatible and that have a micro USB port can be easily upgraded to the Qi standard with accessories (e.g., charging cases/bumpers) that will then work with INBAY.


Qi standard

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Universal solution


10W, 15W

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Installation Manual

Installation Manual as PDF

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