Charge your iPhone 8 or iPhone X

Now you can easily charge your phone by simply dropping it on the charging mat.

INBAY allows you to inductively charge your iPhone in your car regardless of the make and model. You have probably already heard that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X support “wireless charging.” This is made possible by the glass back and special technology that come with these iPhone models.

Apple developed a wireless charging solution that is compliant with the globally established “Qi” wireless charging standard. The iPhone therefore works with all chargers that support the Qi standard. That means that you can also charge your iPhone using our INBAY solutions!

Do you need to charge on the road?

No problem.

INBAY allows you to integrate a discreet charging tray or charging mat into the interior of your car. Then all you have to do is place your iPhone on the tray, and it will start charging. No more charging cables, no more plugging in your phone, and no more running out of battery on the road. Apple has put it succinctly: “The future is wireless.”

With INBAY, we bring you the wireless future today.

Perfect integration.

INBAY is a vehicle-specific solution. This means that the charging tray is fitted to the shape of your front passenger compartment down to the millimeter. You get an optimally integrated solution that you will hardly be able to tell from the OEM part. The design of your car will remain visually unchanged, though the new tray will upgrade the charging functionality of your vehicle to the current state of the art. There is no more convenient way of integrating a Qi charging station for your Apple iPhone into your car.

Is your car supported?

With the exception of our universal solutions, INBAY is made for specific vehicles. This means that we offer individual solutions for specific vehicle models that blend perfectly into the vehicle’s interior. We are constantly working on new models, meaning that we regularly release new INBAY solutions.

We are currently working on over 30 different Qi charging stations

You can find an overview of our current lineup of INBAY Qi charging stations here:

Wireless charging in your VW Golf Mk7.

The universal solution for all vehicles.

Do we not (yet) offer a custom solution for your vehicle model? No problem! You can still wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 and iPhone X in your car! We offer two solutions that will work in any car.

With our universal charging cup or our DIN charging tray you can easily transform your favorite storage tray in your car into a charging station.

And with our universal air vent bracket , you can conveniently clamp your iPhone, charge it, and always have it in view. Power is supplied via the included USB charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Connect it, clamp it, and you’re done!

Do you have an iPhone 7 or 6? No problem!

You can also charge your iPhone 6, 6s or 7 inductively. You can easily upgrade your old phone to support inductive charging with our special, Qi-certified charging cases. That way your iPhone will charge inductively just like the latest generation of iPhones!

Universal Qi charging cup with USB port for your car